Delicious Democracy is Discovering Equitism

Equitism is a joyful practice and culture for building the next system.

Community ownership, balancing systemic tensions, infinite play, delicious food

DC's Creative Advocacy Lab

Delicious Democracy

We are experimenting with joyful cultures, practices, and systems of joy and liberation.

We are rejecting the rigidity of ideology and cultivating curiosity.

We seek to find and understand the many truths we disagree with.

We are learning what it means to build new systems of community power, care, family, regeneration, and equity while the old systems collapse.

We are creating guiding principles to live healthy and purposeful lives.

We are looking towards a federation of liberated land, in the cracks of nation states.

We are brewing delicious cultural solutions of political movement.

What We Do

Current Experiments


ReDelicious is a food repurpose co-op and kitchen library. We ferment, dehydrate, preserve, and cultivate delicious products from food waste. Our signature product is pesto made from the tops of carrots, radishes, turnips, and other veggies. The profits we make will be directly invested in building our community-owned kitchen library: kitchen tools, appliances, and infrastructure for everyone to share. We are converting community waste into community wealth.

Rank the Vote DC

Rank the Vote DC is a local, grassroots, multi-racial coalition who's been actively advocating and organizing to pass Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in DC. We have over 30 advocates from all 8 Wards of the city and 16 local organizations currently in our coalition. We’re crafting a city-wide education and community outreach campaign centered around equity, accessibility, and civic mutual aid.

Delicious Advocacy

We dance with power. We do cultural and playful "lobbying" for laws that transform the system itself. Playfulness is effective and legal in places of power (just don't call it "protesting").

Liberated Land

A long-term vision of building homes, food forests, and communities all connected in a distributed federation. A federation of villages emerging from the cracks of the old system.

Knocking on Doors

To shape change and culture, it starts by simply acknowledging someone else's humanity - face-to-face. Instead of telling folks what to think, we are listening, educating about our platform, and connecting them to resources like mutual aid & rental assistance. We are also building Showupia - A civic education and door knocking game (in development) for community power building and showing up to help neighbors in the real world. Available on the iPhone App Store.

Improvisation Training

We build on proven improvisation techniques to cultivate an infrastructure for loosening up: sincerity, creativity, curiosity, and vulnerability. Participants learn to be comfortable having fun, being bold, listening with intention, and dancing in the conversation. We help organizations strategically transform the worst parts of politics: stiffness, burnout, and inauthenticity.

Past Projects

Some of our experiements from the Creative Advocacy Lab

Lobbying Congress

DC Superheroes Clean Up Congress

The Real Citizens United, a working class super hero lobby group, goes to Congress to lobby for Statehood. Although they don't have any money to bribe them to expand democracy, they thought good deeds, cleaning up, and snacks might do the trick.

Rank the Vote DC

Pass the VOICE Act!

The Turtle

A Delicious Happening

Delicious Happenings were part of our pre-pandemic model for ways we gather for face-to-face action and experiementation.
A night that was filled with delicious emergence, self-care, and bio-mimicry. We prepared our resilient, amphibious bodies for new missions and dares. Make our democracy more delicious through: random acts of kindness, acknowledging the little things, and being intentionally present in the spaces we play in. Get your shells ready lil' turtles.

Door Knocking Ward 5

Delicious Summer (2021)

Piloted a civic education bootcamp called Delicious Summer to build community power against displacement and supremacy.
Instead of telling our neighbors what to think, we’re asking them what they think. Instead of asking for money, we’re connecting them to resources like mutual aid (cash, groceries, diapers, cleaning supplies, etc), community organizing, and rental assistance.
We trained two amazing, young Native Washingtonians in the skills needed to build power, advocate creatively, and cultivate social and emotional strength.

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